Comparison of OB-1 and ob with fluorescent whitening agent

As optical brightener ob prices hit new highs, many do plastic whitening boss use optical brightener ob, unable to bear the high price of optical brightener ob, can't afford to cost, some boss is not in fluorescent whitening agent is added to plastics, some boss to use fluorescent whitening agent 127, because of the price of fluorescent whitening agent 127 only half of optical brightener ob, adding quantity on basic same, optical brightener ob can solve the problem of fluorescent whitening agent 127 can also be reached, if true, is a optical brightener ob will quit the stage of plastic additives? Of course not, because fluorescent whitening agent 127 has its own advantages and can replace ob, but its disadvantage is also fatal, which makes it impossible for 127 to completely replace ob. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of low optical brightener 127? Why can not replace ob completely? Therefore, it is necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages of optical brightener 127. The following is a brief analysis for you.
Table 1: model price comparison table
Type price
127 0.2
Ob 1
KCB 1.26
Ob-1 0.5
Compared with the optical brightener ob-1
Fluorescent whitening agent 127 also known as fluorescent whitening agent (378), mainly used for PVC whitening agent, and artificial leather whitening, especially for all kinds of plastic and plastic products have a good whitening effect. Fluorescent whitening agent 127 cheaper price, the price is basically the same and optical brightener ob - 1 and fluorescent whitening agent 127 and optical brightener ob - 1 comparison, fluorescent whitening agent 127 no migration issues, blending than optical brightener ob - 1 also easier, just fluorescent whitening agent 127 and heat-resistant properties of fluorescent whitening agent is not so strong, ob - 1 but fluorescent whitening agent 127 220 degrees can also heat resistance, and fully meet the PVC production environment, so I could use a optical brightener ob - 1 for PVC whitening? Can, of course, but first you have to do the experiment, determine their blending equipment can fully blending, ob - 1 use optical brightener ob - 1 as a plastic tooth whitening agent, blending time is 3 times of fluorescent whitening agent 127 or so, and you have to make a dispersant left to add these to the optical brightener ob - 1 of scattered and mixed fertilizer, it is also a cost.
Table 2: comparison table of model temperature resistance
T limitation
OB-1 350℃
KCB 215℃
KSN 275℃
127 220℃
Contrast with the optical brightener ob
Contrast and optical brightener ob, fluorescent whitening agent 127 disadvantage is not stable, in the outdoor environment fluorescent whitening effect is reduced quickly, 20 days after whitening effect is only about 40% of the original, but the price of fluorescent whitening agent 127 only 50% of the optical brightener ob, then use fluorescent whitening agent 127 instead of optical brightener ob not can't? This also has to start from China's business environment.
All know that there are many PVC plastic industry and construction industry, the fluctuation especially sewage pipeline many practical PVC pipe, the pipe is buried underground, basically couldn't see, so white or not actually Bai Dou has nothing to do, but as a procurement staff, procurement in the market when it is to see real, two products are compared, the blackwater white be clear at a glance, in the case of not using a bottom to make a decision, buy your favorite color, natural selection that more white, should be more pure, more white corresponds to the materials is the best, so the manufacturer is desperate to make their products more white, At least the buyer saw the moment the product is the most white, as for buried in the ground is not very white, it does not matter. Fluorescent whitening agent 127 pairs of plastic whitening effect is very strong, but also for 15 days whiteness is good, it has satisfied the demand of the market, so from that point considering fluorescent whitening agent 127, can be used in PVC whitening of low-end products, but for what high-end and the user can see the products everyday, then you must use the optical brightener ob, because optical brightener ob whitening effect lasting, not easy fade under outdoor oxygen and ultraviolet situation.

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