Advantages and disadvantages of fluorescent whitening agent

Fluorescent whitening agent 127 is also called fluorescent whitening agent (378). Mainly used for PVC, artificial leather and other plastic and plastic products have a good whitening effect. For the application of PVC plastic products, I believe that most of the boss will not be unfamiliar, in the current situation, can be used in PVC plastic products whitening agent is the best model of fluorescent whitening agent 127. Some bosses may wonder why fluorescent whitening agent 127 is the most suitable for PVC as there are so many kinds of fluorescent whitening agent. This requires a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of optical brightener 127.
In terms of price,
The price of optical brightener 127 is higher than that of ob-1. However, the weatherability of the optical brightener ob-1 is poor, which affects the final use effect of the product. The price of optical brightener 127 is lower than that of products such as OB and KCB. And the price range is very big, some even more than two to three times.
Table 1: model price comparison table
Type price
127 0.4
OB 1
KCB 1.26
OB-1 0.3
In terms of temperature tolerance,
Each fluorescent whitening agent has its own maximum temperature tolerance value, beyond which the fluorescent whitening agent will decompose and become invalid, so the process temperature directly restricts the selection of fluorescent whitening agent.
PVC is one of the largest general plastic production in the world, a wide range of applications in building materials, industrial products, daily necessities, leather pipe, plate, wire and cable, foaming material and so on are widely used, the highest production process of PVC temperature within the 200 degrees, fluorescent whitening agent 127 heat resistance at 210 degrees, so completely from the process can be applied.
Table 2: comparison table of model temperature resistance
T llimitation
OB-1 350℃
KCB 215℃
KSN 275℃
127 220℃
In terms of weather resistance,
Among all types of brightener, optical brightener 127 has a general weathering resistance. However, fortunately, optical brightener 127 has excellent weathering resistance among PVC plastic products. The products have good whiteness and are not easy to migrate. For weathering resistance, the weathering resistance of optical brightener is better than that of ob-1, and lower than that of products such as OB or KCB.
Table 3: model stability comparison table
OB-1 Poor
KCB good
KSN good
127 Poor
To sum up, from the perspective of temperature resistance, weather resistance, price and other comprehensive factors, fluorescent whitening agent 127 is the best cost-effective product for PVC, with low price, good whitening effect and lasting whitening effect. Therefore, the choice of fluorescent whitening agent 127 is the best choice for PVC industry, which is determined by the advantages and disadvantages of fluorescent whitening agent 127.

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