Advantages and disadvantages of optical brightener ob-1

The optical brightener ob-1 is cheap and has a good whitening effect on plastics. So why do some industries use the optical brightener ob-1, while some plastics industries use the optical brightener KCB and the optical brightener ob? If you are using the optical brightener KCB or the optical brightener ob, are you also wondering whether I can use the optical brightener ob-1? If not, why not? Now I will give you a brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the optical brightener ob-1. After reading the article, you will know when to use ob-1 and when not to use ob-1, but only the optical brightener ob or the optical brightener KCB.
From the point of view of temperature tolerance
Fluorescent brightener ob - 1 the heat resistance of 350 degrees, this is all the highest product of heat-resistant, fluorescent whitening agent for production of high temperature resistant plastic bosses, can only use ob - 1, because in the present case, optical brightener ob - 1, is that all the whitening agent products, heat resistant performance is the best product, and the optical brightener ob - 1 small amount of adding whitening degree is high.
For many bosses who use brighteners, that may be in doubt. Why high temperature resistance, low dosage and good whiteness ob-1? Cannot be used in all plastic products. This requires understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the optical brightener ob-1.
As is known to all, plastic industry is a very broad industry, fluorescent whitening agent used in plastic industry is a wide range of features numerous industry, most of the manufacturing process of mold temperature is higher, some even reached more than 300 degrees, at present also only able to withstand a optical brightener ob - 1, 350, this is a fluorescent whitening agent is the biggest advantage of ob - 1, because is the plastic brightener ob - 1 in the highest heat resistance. It can reach over 350 degrees, which is applicable to almost all plastics, and its optical brightener is not available. This is a great advantage of the optical brightener ob-1. The following is the temperature tolerance limit of common plastic optical brightener. This table clearly shows the temperature limits of common plastic optical brighteners.
T limitation
OB-1 350℃
KCB 215℃
KSN 275℃
127 220℃
From the fluorescent color light emitted,
Fluorescent whitening agent of different products or the same products have many colours, some fluorescent whitening agent blue light, have a plenty of bright blue, LanZiGuang, blue green, etc., because of the nature of most raw materials are yellow, and Huang Guangjia blue light visible to the naked eye as the white light, so the heavier the blu-ray brightening agent, fluorescent effect better, better whitening effect, adding quantity is less, optical brightener OB - 1 is divided into green color products are known as the green phase, another is yellow color appearance product called yellow phase, the green fluorescence slant blue, yellow, partial LanZiGuang commonly so if there is no special requirement to buy green products, Do not buy the product of yellow photograph, the price of these two kinds of article photograph is same at present. At present, the use of optical brightener ob-1 green phase is in the majority, but the green blue light is not as strong as the blue light emitted by ob KCB and other products, but it also has a good fluorescence intensity and whitening effect. In terms of color light, the optical brightener ob-1 does not win, but it does not lose too much.
light color
OB-1 Blue
KCB Blue
127 Red
In terms of product stability
The biggest disadvantage of the optical brightener ob-1 is its poor weather resistance. Under the same amount of addition and the same temperature and humidity, the optical brightener ob-1 has the largest migration and precipitation amount, and the product is more likely to return to yellow. If there is a high requirement for the final stability of the product, for example, the shoe material product can only use KCB, because KCB has a good resistance to migration and precipitation performance, so the optical brightener ob-1 cannot be used.
OB-1 Poor
KCB good
KSN good
127 poor
To sum up, although ob-1 is a good product in terms of temperature resistance, color light, dosage and whitening effect, its stability and weather resistance show that its downstream application effect is poor and it is easy to separate out, resulting in various after-sales and unsalable products.

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