Use of plastic optical brightener - different industry field

Plastic is the most important material with synthetic or natural macromolecular compound as the basic component, which can be molded in the process, and the product can keep the same shape in the end. Most of these plastics are based on synthetic resins. Because plastic kind is various, its classification method also has a variety of, according to component property can be divided for cellulose plastics, protein plastics and synthetic resin plastics; According to the use can be divided into general plastic and engineering plastics; Thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics can be divided into two categories in terms of plasticizing and performance changes after heating. The last of these is the most common classification method.
Because the plastic is generally has qualitative light, insulation, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, easy processing, beautiful wait for a characteristic, as a structural material and insulation material, so in the aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, machinery, chemical industry, construction and daily necessities and other industries widely used, many plastic products have replaced the metal products, wood products, it can be seen everywhere.
The rapid development of plastic industry has also promoted the development of plastic coloring technology. Plastic coloring has become an important part of modern plastic processing. Gorgeous and dazzling plastic products enrich the market and beautify our environment and life. According to statistics, about 80% of all the plastic products is after staining (mass fraction), the "white" occupied large proportion of plastic products, for example, we see everyday of window of model steel door, fluctuation conduit with white mostly, these products look so "white", one important reason is the use of the "fluorescent whitening agent".
White objects generally have a slight absorption of blue light on the short-wave side of visible light, so they often contain a yellowish color, which affects the whiteness and gives people an old and dirty feeling. The same is true for white plastics, where one of the most effective ways to eliminate the yellowish tint (often caused by certain stabilizers and other additives) is to add optical brighteners. Fluorescent whitening agent to absorb ultraviolet light, and then in the violet light emitted in the form of fluorescence, for plastic light yellow colored and violet light are complementary, and make the plastic tooth whitening, this is the principle of fluorescent whitening agent on the plastic tooth whitening effect, whitening result is to improve the whiteness of plastic, do not reduce brightness again, let a person look more white, bright beautiful, pleasing to the eye. In addition, the addition of a small amount of fluorescent whitening agent in ordinary pigments can increase the brightness of color and make the color of the shader shine. According to incomplete statistics, more than 5% of the world's output of optical brightener is used in synthetic materials such as plastics.
In order to improve the processing performance and the appearance of the products, a certain amount of chemicals with special functions are often added in the processing of plastics. Plastics processing AIDS is A lot of more phyletic, the mechanism is quite complex, because of some additives whitening effect of fluorescent whitening agent, such as titanium dioxide is the white pigment tinting strength strongest variety, in opaque white plastic has A very important role, it has the rutile type (R) and sharp titanium type (type A) two types of crystal morphology, its different forms A great influence on whitening effect of fluorescent whitening agent. Therefore, the choice of additives should pay attention to the compatibility with the selected optical brightener, the amount of additives should be based on the product performance and the amount of optical brightener.

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