Dosage and effect of optical brightener KCB367 (C.I. 367

Domestic product name: fluorescent whitening agent KCB.
Domestic manufacturers: zhejiang hengdian group dye chemical co., LTD., jiangsu gaoyou auxiliary dosage form factory, hangzhou huayang chemical co., LTD., shaoxing hongda chemical co., LTD., etc.
Foreign commodity name and manufacturer: Hostalux KCB, kcb-c (DyStar).
Color: blue.
Physical and chemical properties: appearance is light green powder, melting point 212 ℃, non-toxic, odorless, insoluble in water, soluble in acetone, carbon tetrachloride, dimethyl formamide, three toluene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and toluene, slightly soluble in alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and methanol. The maximum absorption wavelength was 370nm, and the maximum fluorescence emission wavelength was 437nm. Excellent light and heat resistance, good chemical stability, no reaction with foaming agent, crosslinking agent, good compatibility with polymer, no exudation.
Usage: the fluorescent whitening agent KCB has strong whitening effect and is bright blue light. It is mainly used to whiten synthetic fiber and plastic products, and has obvious whitening effect on non-ferrous plastic products. Widely used in EVA, it is the first choice of fluorescent whitening agent for sports shoes, especially for injection molding materials, such as the whitening of sports soles. At the same time, also widely used in PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS and other plastic film, extrusion molding materials, injection molding materials. To coating, natural lacquer whiten also have apparent effect.
Dosage: in PE, PVC, PS, ABS and EVA foaming products, the general dosage is
About 0.01%~0.03%, users can make appropriate adjustment according to product requirements. The amount of transparent agricultural film is 0.0005%~0.002%. When any uv absorber is added to the polymer, the amount of optical brightener KCB should be adjusted appropriately.
Application property: light fastness grade 3~6 (according to plastic type).

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