Dosage and effect of optical brightener KSN368 (C.I. 368

Domestic product name: optical brightener KSN.
Domestic manufacturers: hangzhou huayang chemical co., LTD., shaoxing hongda chemical co., LTD.
Foreign commodity name and manufacturer: Hostalux KS, ks-c (DyStar).
Color: red.
Physicochemical properties, optical brightener KSN appearance for yellow crystalline powder, melting point 278 ℃, odorless, insoluble in water, soluble in acetone, DMF, all three toluene and toluene, slightly soluble in alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and methanol.
Usage: the product has the characteristics of small dosage, high whitening intensity, very small dosage can produce very good whitening effect. Its performance is stable and has good compatibility with the whitened matrix. Mainly used in plastics and polyester (added to polycondensates), can be used in film, injection molding and extrusion molding materials. Suitable for whitening at any stage of synthetic resin. Also used for nylon and acrylic brightening.
Dosage: add 0.002%~0.03% to common plastics; Add 0.0005%~0.002% in transparent plastic; The addition amount of polyester resin is 0.01%~0.02%.
Application property: color fastness to light is grade 4~6 (according to plastic type), grade 6~7 (polyester).

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