Fluorescence brightener 127 378 dosage and action (c.1.378)

Domestic product name: optical brightener 127, FP, FP-127, CBS-127.
Domestic manufacturers: hangzhou huayang chemical co., LTD., shenyang xinji chemical co., LTD., guangzhou shidai chemical co., LTD.
Foreign product names and manufacturers: Uvitex FP, fp-p, fp-c (Clariant).
Color: blue.
Physical and chemical properties: the appearance of the product is white or light yellow crystalline powder, melting point 216 ~
220 ℃, the maximum absorption wavelength of 368 nm, maximum fluorescence emission wavelength of 436 nm. Insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents such as carbon tetrachloride and dimethyl formamide. Stable chemical properties, good heat resistance, light resistance and chlorine bleaching resistance.
Usage: used for whitening all kinds of plastic products, especially for PVC, polystyrene with better compatibility and whitening effect. The whitening and brightening effect of artificial leather products is particularly ideal, and has the advantages of long-term storage without yellowing and fading. It can be added to monomer prepolymer before polymerization, condensation polymerization or addition polymerization or in the form of powder or granule before or during the molding of plastics and synthetic fibers. Thermal stability is greater than 300 ℃, which can meet all kinds of manufacturing, and processing of plastic process temperature requirements. Can also be used for coating, ink and other whitening.
Dosage: PVC white 0.01%~0.05%, transparent 0.0001%~
0.001%; Polystyrene white 0.001%~0.05%, transparent 0.0001% ~
0.001%; When ABS is 0.01%~0.05%, the inherent yellow color in ABS can be eliminated.
Used for whitening of acrylic fiber, polyester fiber, acetate fiber and triacetate fiber. Some varieties contain calcium salts as dispersants or as softeners.
Application property: good color fastness to light, moderate color fastness to chlorine and oxygen bleaching.

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