optical brightener ER-2 199:1

optical brightener ER-2 199:1

Chemical name: 1,4-Bis (4-cyanostyryl) benzene
Molecular formula: C24H16N2
Molecular weight: 332.39700
CAS: 7128-64-5
Technical indicators:
Appearance: light yellow powder
Melting point: 217-225 C
Purity: more than 99%
Chromatic light: fluorescent white
Refractive index: 1.66
Flash point: 272.8 x C
Steam pressure: 4.61E-13mmHgat25 degree C
Melting point: 230-234 C
Density: 1.18g/cm3
Boiling point: 571.3 Cat760mmHg
Main features: This product is fluorescent white with high purity, high temperature resistance, good whiteness and low cost.
ER fluorescent whitening agent powder, is very suitable for polyester (polyester) fiber whitening, brightening, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics and products, but also has a good whitening effect. Adding NER-6 fluorescent whitening agent concentrate powder in the molding process of polyester chip and recycled polyester chip can obviously improve the product grade. It is also widely used in paint industry.
Usage: 1. Polyester staple fiber: before drawing, remove the impurities in the polyester chip (material), add the material into the melting pot, raise the temperature to about 120 C, remove the moisture from the material by vacuum, then stop the vacuum, add the whitening powder according to 150g-250g / ton (according to different whiteness requirements) into the slice. Fully mix the powder evenly on the surface of the material, and add titanium dioxide when necessary. When the toner is needed, 2-5g blue-violet dye (B12, etc.) can be added per ton of material, blended with whitening powder into the material, fully mixed with the absorbed material surface, and then continue to heat up 240-280 (?) C, so that the whitening powder and polyester material are completely melted, and finally directly into the drawing section.
The formula is as follows: for reference (with one ton to stock conversion ratio).
(1) 5D: whitening powder 150-250g, titanium dioxide 1500-2000g, blue violet 5-6G
(2) 5D type: foamed material 30%, bottle material 70%, whitening powder 250g, titanium dioxide 1200g, LAN powder 4G.
(3) 5D-6D type: foamed material 50%, bottle material 50%, whitening powder 250g, titanium dioxide 300g, LAN powder 2-3g.
1, if all the foamed materials are used, then no garland powder and titanium white powder will be added.
2, polyester long fiber
Each ton of polyester material is added white powder 150-300g, titanium dioxide 100-300g or so.
3. Whitening masterbatch or foam material.
Each ton of polyester material is added white powder 2000-6000g, titanium dioxide 1000-6000g or so.
Note: the temperature is generally not less than 230 degrees centigrade, and the time is not less than 60 seconds.

Packaging: 25kg cardboard drum packaging, in a cool, dry place to avoid light preservation.

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