optical brightener SWN 140/52

optical brightener SWN 140/52

Chemical name: 7- two diamino -4- methyl coumarin
Molecular formula: C14H17NO2
Molecular weight: 430.5618
CAS: 12224-03-2
This product is white to light brown crystalline powder, soluble in acid aqueous solution, ethanol and ethylene glycol and organic solvents. Commodity products are generally pure products and sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid salt, or mixed with organic acid salt. This product is not suitable for bath with sodium chlorite.
Technical conditions:
Standard: HG/T 4034-2008
Appearance: white to light brown crystalline powder.
Color light: blue light
Melting point: 68-72 C
Content: more than 98.5%
UV absorption: 1000-1100
Volatile: less than 0.5%
Ash: less than 0.3%
Fineness: through 200 mesh
This product is used for whitening wool, natural silk, nylon, acetate fiber and three acetate fiber. It can also be used for whitening cotton, cellulose fiber and acrylic fiber. The dosage is 0.05% to 2%. Adding the synthetic detergent powder to wash the fabric can improve the appearance whiteness of the washed fabric.

Packaging: 25kg cardboard drum packaging, in a cool, dry place to avoid light preservation.

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